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Kindergarten Cooperation Lesson

This lesson was done with students at my elementary school internship site.

Grade Level:              Kindergarten


Topic:                     Cooperation


Materials:               “Swimmy” by Leo Lionni

                              Paper fish (one for each student)

                              Crayons, colored pencils, or markers





Objectives:              1. Students will be able to identify what cooperation and teamwork are

                              2. Students will work together on an art project


Activities:                 1. Introduction

   Ask if anyone has ever been a part of a group  or team.  Are there any other times they have been asked to work together (at home or at school)?  Does working together make things easier?  Tell students you need their help today to try and make a big project easier for you.


                               2. Story

  Read the story “Swimmy”.  Tell the students to look out for examples of what happens when the fish work together.  What did they do?  How does Swimmy feel?  Discuss after the story is read.


                               3. Fish Art Project

                               Tell students that we are going to make a big fish just like Swimmy and his friends did.  Pass out a paper fish to each student.  Have crayons/markers set up at various locations throughout the room.  Tell the students to take 5-10 minutes to color in and cut out their fish.  Remind students to share crayons and scissors.


                               4. Conclusion

                               Hang up fish on the board as they are finished, making them into a large fish shape.  Have students look at the big fish.  Ask questions like, “Do you think one person could have colored all of these fish in 10 minutes?”, “Do you see how even though all the fish look different, they can still work together?”  Emphasize how being part of a team and working together can make a BIG difference!