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Portfolio Contents

This is a list of what appears in my portfolio.  Copies of all items listed are not available on my site at this time.  If you would like a hard copy of any of these materials, please contact me.

1. Professional Identity

a.      Resume & Credentials


           CTREAP Printout

           Philosophy of Counseling


b.      Clearances & Liability Insurance

         Current Child Abuse Clearance

         Current Criminal Record Check

         Current Liability Insurance Information

c.      Transcripts

         Villanova University Undergraduate Transcript

         Chatham College Graduate Transcript


2. Knowledge

a.      Test Scores

         PRAXIS I & II Scores

         NCE Scores

b.      Course List & Syllabi

         Course List

         Summer & Fall 2004 Syllabi

         Spring & Summer 2005 Syllabi

         Fall 2005 & Spring 2006 Syllabi

         Summer & Fall 2006 Syllabi


3. Experience

a.      Responsive Services

           List of Elementary Responsive Services Experiences

           List of Secondary Responsive Services Experiences

           Sample of Work – “Who’s Space is MySpace” Seminar

o       Agenda

o       DVD Copy of Presentation

o       Handouts

b.      Individual Planning

           List of Elementary Individual Planning Experiences

           List of Secondary Individual Planning Experiences

           Sample of Work – Transition Workshop

o        Letter to Parents

o        Lesson Plans

c.      Guidance Curriculum

         List of Elementary Guidance Curriculum Experiences

         List of Secondary Guidance Curriculum Experiences

         Sample of Work – Red Ribbon Week

o        Letter to Teachers and Staff

o        K-4 Lesson Plans

d.      System Support

         List of Elementary System Support Experiences

         List of Secondary System Support Experiences

         Sample of Work – Senior Meeting with Parents

o        Presentation Outline

o        Handouts

e.      School District Profile of my Internship Sites in Pennsylvania


4. Lesson Planning & Writing Abilities

a.      Guidance Lessons

         Kindergarten Lesson on Cooperation

         1st & 2nd Grade Lesson on Cooperation

         3rd & 4th Grade Lesson on Cooperation

         5th & 6th Grade Lesson on Divorce

         6th – 8th Grade Lesson on Teamwork

         7th & 8th Grade Lesson on Sexual Reproduction

b.      Newsletter Article on Parental Pressure

c.      Forms

         Consent to Tape Form

         Getting to Know You Form

d.      Research Paper Sample

         “Statutory and Case Law Regarding Determination and Discipline of Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment”

         List of other graduate papers written

e.      Professional Presentation Sample

         “Substance Use Related to the Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks”

         List of graduate school presentations


5. Recommendations & Evaluations

a.      List of References

b.      Letters of Recommendation

         Dr. William Rullo – Supervisor, Upper St. Clair High School

         Dr. Scott Tracy – Professor/Coordinator of the School Counseling Program, Chatham College

         Dr. Jane Walters – Supervisor, Eisenhower Elementary

         Mrs. Jennifer Kirk – Counselor, Upper St. Clair High School

         Dr. Mark Lepore – Professor/Advisor, Chatham College

c.      Evaluation

         Final Evaluation by William Rullo – Practicum at Upper St. Clair High School

         Final Evaluation by William Rullo – Internship at Upper St. Clair High School

         Final Evaluation by Jane Walters – Internship at Eisenhower Elementary